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For Sheila Isenberg, author of "Women Who Marry Men Who Kill," it's more about pulp romance and daytime soaps.Guys behind bars have a lot of time on their hands: to write long letters, to compose love poetry, to perform a lot of the gallant, romantic rituals that modern courtship has largely lost. It's a rollercoaster ride."And they're not the only ones to whom prison looks romantic.Just last month, a personal ad on Write by Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother who drove her two sons into a lake in 1994, drew an estimated 1 million e-mails and letters.

When the man woke up Jones told him to “get the f*** out” before fetching a kitchen knife, grabbing him by the throat and swinging the blade.Few US prisoners are allowed access to e-mail or the internet, so most never see their listings.Some sites boast pages of testimonials: from soon-to-be- released convicts who've found love to death-row inmates who say letter-writing has given them a way to come to peace with dying.A woman who slashed her Tinder date with a kitchen knife after she found out he was already in a relationship has avoided spending time behind bars.Alana Rose Jones, 26, was sentenced in the Brisbane District Court on Monday to 18 months’ jail with immediate parole after pleading guilty to wounding and assault occasioning bodily harm.

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